Things I wish I knew before I started Photography

1. Go for a full frame camera - (Gear does not make you better)

Expensive cameras do not make you a better photographer, nor does the lens, I myself shoot on a Canon 700D that's 4 years old. That being said, I wish someone told me to invest in a full frame camera from the very beginning. A Full Frame gives you more room to work with even in tighter conditions and five you even more information when shooting in RAW.

2. Always shoot in RAW Format

The information the RAW format delivers while I'm editing my pictures in post – almost magical. When I first started photography I did not understand what RAW files were but when I finally took  to using it, it was instant love. I never shoot in JPEG anymore and sure RAW files have a higher file-size but it unleashes the true potential of your camera's sensor.

3. Post-Process the "Right" Way

I put "right" in quotes in the sub-headline above...
For me, post processing depends on the mood I'm in and the mood or feel of the pictures I've taken. Post processing is a personal thing and there is no right or wrong to it ( unless you up the highlights-shadows-clarity to 100%- then its a no-no)

4. Buy a Nifty Fifty (50mm 1.8)

Chances are that most of you (like me) started out with a kit lens that came with the camera you purchased. Kit Lenses aren't bad trust me, there are many good things about kit lenses that make them a valuable asset to you as you continue on your photographic journey though a 50mm lens will be the best lens purchase you make. You have to work harder to get the composition that you want, since you can't zoom in and out with a prime lens - and that's a huge benefit to you as you develop your photography skills.

5. You're Always Learning - Perfection Is Unattainable

Don't judge your work compared to anyone else's photos. There is no right or wrong with photography, you're constantly learning new things and finding your own style of taking pictures. Even the greatest photographers out there started off with making mistakes etc and they are still learning new things everyday. 

6. Take Your Camera Literally Everywhere

You'll never make a good photo with your camera sitting at home. That's why I prefer to buy a phone with a really good camera just so that I don't miss out on anything or everything. Also I wish someone would've told me about mirror-less cameras too since they're smaller in size and easier to carry around.

7. Keep Your Files Organized

Luckily I have slight OCD so I keep all my files and folders organized when I go out and shoot. This helps in locating previous work or important work if ever needed to show a potential client. Always create backups of important photos. Making all these photos is pointless if you can’t easily find them when you need them.

© 2019 by Sagar Mankar